Get the Results You Want! - The Seminar

Success is a choice you make. If you want to eliminate any beliefs and fears that keep holding you back, if you want to be in control over your future, if you want to be confident and persuasive or if you want the success that you have been working for so hard, Trust that you can achieve anything possible. You can choose to be successful or exciting, loving, inspiring, amazing or simply happy. It is a choice because you can do something about it. Never let anything stop you to follow your goals.


Are you getting the results you want? How are you doing financially? Are you happy with your partnership/marriage? Is your family doing alright? Has you career turned out to be a success? Have your hopes for life come true?

If you are stuck, at a cross-road or simply without any direction, this seminar will definitely help you make the next move towards getting the results YOU want.


It is impossible to be truly successful when your beliefs keep telling you that you can´t. In this seminar we will touch your deepest belief systems, your very personal strategies and your learned meta-progrms and change what is stopping you. Have you ever asked yourself:

  1. ■ Am I where I want to be in life?
  2. ■ Have I achieved everything that I wanted to achieve?
  3. ■ What if I am capable of much more?


In this seminar …

  1. ■ we will start by re-designing our goals, because if we don´t have the right goals than how are we going to achieve what is necessary to get the results we want for life. All to often goals are unrealistic, not within our range of power, dependent on others, unclear in its outcome or never to be achieved at all. We will learn to define our goals in a way that we will achieve them.
  2. ■ we will explore the models that we live by and question everything, because what we know of this world is only a generalized, distorted and incomplete representation of it. You will learn to enriche your models in a way that they won´t influence new behaviours, thinking and progress other than in the way you want them to.
  3. ■ you will learn how to re-evaluate perspectives and assumptions in order to be more resourceful when seeking to leave things of the past behind, when trying to overcome fears and anxiety or when imagining and designing your future.
  4. ■ you will learn to better understand your personal strategies – such as how to motivate ourselves, how to get convinced or how to make a decision – and to decipher the sequence and steps of your strategies, so that you can improve them or create better ones.
  5. ■ you will learn how to influence your feelings and states any time you need to, because your feelings and your state are what drive your ability to make changes. Without feeling positiv about something, it is unlikely that you will engage with enthusiasm and change your status quo. Being able to access powerful states will help you to improve yours and other peoples lifes tremendously.
  6. ■ you will learn to manage yourself better, in a way that your professional goals can be reached, your relationships improve and your life will be as fullfilling as it should be.


  1. ■ Find out what motivates you and what stops you
  2. ■ Discover your deepest beliefs and change them if necessary
  3. ■ Imagine a future so bright that you want to jump into it
  4. ■ Reprogram your subconscience to aim for total success
  5. ■ Eliminate fears you have – instantly
  6. ■ Learn to be more persuasive than you thought was possible
  7. ■ Re-design some of your personal strategies
  8. ■ Present your product or yourself with confidence
  9. ■ Use the power of hypnotic language patterns
  10. ■ Train to be a much more versatile communicator


  1. ■ learn to better understand your personal strategies
  2. ■ learn how to influence your feelings and states any time you need to
  3. ■ learn to manage yourself better

Our Approach

  1. ■ start by re-designing our goals
  2. ■ explore the models that we live by and question everything

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