Leadership - the 6 Levels

Our 6-Level leadership development program is modular and can be customized to your needs. This seminar is the compact version of our leadership development program, usefull for everyone who would like to get first insights into our 6 Levels of Leadership. Participation in this seminar can be credited when attending the full-length leadership program.


People follow people whom they trust. TRUST develops when leadership is conscious, authentic and individual.


A Leader who is aware about his/her strength and weaknesses, and leads accordingly, who can transform expectations into an inspiring picture, who provides transparency and seeks a mutual feeling of TRUST, who is believable, reliable, and credible and who considers the needs of his/her followers and cares for their development … such is a leader that people will gladly follow !



In times at which participation and sharing has replaced old-style top-down management, where innovation and creativity drives success and where knowledge and loyalty has become ever more important, the relationship between a leader and his team-members is the source for trust, loyalty, commitment and ultimately performance.


The 6 Levels of Leadership

Our emphasis is on developing the leader within you, touching your deepest motivations, values and principles. The 6 Levels of Leadership take the participant from “becoming aware about his capabilities and mission” via “understanding the basics of generating growth” to “creating a future for all”.

We will help you gain new perspectives for your development as a leader and provide you with tools, insights and a vast network of people to assist while you take the lead and develop your leadership!

  1. Taking the lead
  2. Developing your Leadership
  3. Leadership Instruments
  4. Leading for Excellence
  5. Influence, Power and Control
  6. Change Leadership



  1. Find out who you are as a leader
  2. Design your perfect team
  3. Become clear about what your behavioural preferences are
  4. Reflect on your communication style
  5. Identify belief-systems that subconsciously influence you
  6. Get to know your meta-programs and internal strategies
  7. Learn about decision-strategies, convincer-strategies and motivation-strategies
  8. Learn how to read people and build rapport
  9. Train to be a great story teller
  10. Create a motivation map for you team
  11. Analyse the structure of power and influence for a given case
  12. Develop your approach to transforming an organization


Immediate Benefit on the Job

Companies and individuals invest in our seminars because we develop people into leaders that others will follow!

When people follow … knowledge and relationships stay, high performance becomes the standard, people identify themselves with the team they work for, positive communication is inspired, trust will lead to speed and precision, mutual exchange will lead to increased innovation and change will happen faster and be more effective.

Our Approach

Case-in-Point Approach

The seminar itself is designed to let people take the lead and constantly practice leadership while they learn about it – participants connect with each other and experience leadership immediately – the classroom turns into a leadership-arena.

Case studies, controversial discussions, roleplays and feedback sessions allow the participant to practice „voicing“ their position, to take the lead on something and to realize the impact their leadership has on others. Through reflection and feedback participants will get to understand their own leadership capabilities, identify strength and weaknesses, develop perspectives on their own leadership approach and become clearer about their mission as a leader in life and in any organisation.

Special Information

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