Neuro-Linguistic Leadership


Neuro-Linguistic Leadership is a new approach to improving leadership capability using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Developed based on the Learning& Growth Leadership Program and the Practitioner Programs on NLP it combines the best of both development programs to form a powerful new approach to Leadership.


  • NLP is about the connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming). NLP provides the technologies to change these neurological processes, language and behavioural patterns, in order to be more effective in life. NLP will equip you with the techniques necessary to communicate more proactive, be more inspiring and act more goal-driven. Using NLP techniques you and your team will have access to personal resources, allowing to be more in control of ones meta-programs and condition (state) during times of change and transformation.


  • Leadership involves good communication, evaluation & appraisal and motivational skills but also envisioning, strategizing and mastering challenges. All these actions are driven by neurological processses, language and behavioural patterns. Leadership focuses on enabling, developing and encouraging individuals and teams. Leaders drive motivation by painting pictures and explaining ideas and visions using stories and metaphors. Leaders talk about new perspectives and how to overcome challenges. Leaders pick you up when you are exhausted and make you feel worthy. Great Leaders make sure that – as a team – everybody wins.


In order to become an even more effective leader, Neuro-Linguistic Leadership is designed to improve awareness and control over the neurological processes, become more effective in using language and master the techniques to change behavioural patterns. In that sense, Neuro-Linguistic Leadership is probably the most exciting application of NLP, because you …

  • Work with language patterns (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Focus on our five senses
  • Discover how easy it is to control ones state of mind
  • De-mystify the whole idea of limiting vs. encouraging beliefs
  • Learn how to decipher one´s behavioural strategies and patterns
  • Practice defining well-formed desired states and creating great plans
  • Use timelines to be imaginative and look beyond the horizon



In a world where participation and sharing has replaced old-style top-down management, where innovation and creativity drives success and where knowledge and loyalty has become ever more important, Neuro-Linguistic Leadership can make all the difference. A Leader trained in Neuro-Linguistic Leadership will not only have the tools and techniques to be more effective in his leadership, but will also have the skills to aid his team members in becoming more effective as well.

Neuro-Linguistic Leadership assists the Leader in bringing out the best in people, in creating great teams and in strengthening the relationships between him and his team members. On a larger scale Neuro-Linguistic Leadership is the single one people-driven approach that is higly effective in aligning the workforce to the corporations strategy and mission.



  1. Basic elements of NLP will be presented and its application will be presented
  2. The 6 Levels of Leadership will be touched and used as a sessions during which particular NLP elements will be applied
  3. This seminar strives on its exercices, role plays and individual presentations. Participants will be asked to partner with one another and train the practices learned.
  4. Intense feedback and learning experience will ensure an effective learning curve and guarantee transferability on the job


Equip leaders and leaders to be with the tools an technologies that NLP has to offer in situations that require communication, motivation, selling, inspiring, visualizing, designing, strategizing or influencing.


Target Group:

Leaders or leaders-to-be of small and medium sized companies.