NLP what is this


NLP was created from ideas that sprung from a thesis by Dr. Richard Bandler titled “The Structure of Magic”. Several decades later, that Magic is still happening and NLP is at the forefront of becoming the most powerful tool in the business world.


NLP in Life

NLP teaches us that what we remember is only a generalized, distorted and incomplete representation of the real world and its happenings. It is because of this, that our views of the world need to be enriched in a way that all remembered limitations won´t influence new behaviours, thinking and progress.
Using this principle can help in re-evaluating perspectives and decisions, in overcoming fears and anxiety or in imagining and designing future progress.

NLP teaches us to understand our (behavioural) strategies, such as how to motivate ourselves, what we need to be convinced or how we make decisions, and to decipher the sequence and steps of our strategies, so that we can improve them or create better ones.

NLP teaches us about the language patterns that influence our feelings and behaviours and provides us with the possibility to improve our and other peoples lifes tremendously. Language determines our feelings and our behaviours in a powerful way. For example: just think about the difference you feel between the two sentences “I could do this” and “I will do this”. Simple words with a very powerful influence.

NLP teaches us that a goal needs to be well-formed. A well-defined goal is the basis for any NLP based change. Conditions for well-formedness define how a Desired State should be formulated. Only when the Desired State is known and well-formed can we evaluate toward true achievement.


NLP in Business

Businesses need people who want to work smarter, not harder, because – in today´s world – time is money and time to market has become a decisive factor.

No matter whether you work smarter, aspire to greater success or seek excellence … before you reach your goals, there are a number of things you must get right first. Good isn´t good enough anymore. Good is the enemy of excellence. IIf you are aiming for average, that is all you will achieve.

Now, with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming™), we have a technology that will allow us to see beyond our limits, feel better most of time and listen more carefully to all the things that are important, in life and in business.

  • Everyone who uses communication as a means to present, deliver or evaluate what they are doing.
  • Everyone who wants to help, coach or lead others.
  • Everyone who believes that there is more out there to achieve.
  • Everyone who seeks to live the life they want.
  • Everyone who leads a team, a family or a business.