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International Seminars

At Learning & Growth we don´t just hold seminars. We engage you. We want you to take something away with you that will be of value for the rest of your life: Desire, Motivation, Determination and Passion.

Become a successful NLP practitioner

Our seminars are full of activity, because only when you connect listening (auditory) and reading (visual) with an action (kinesthetic), only then will you learn the most.

6 Great Reasons to Train With Us

Multilingual: English, German, French and other languages.
An international experience – with international trainer and participants.
Locations in Aachen, Friedrichshafen and London. More coming up!
Inhouse Seminars – cost-effective and tailored to your needs.
Great Value: get the Licenses that really matter!
NLP Training, NLP Coaching and NLP Business Consulting


All seminars are available in English or German language.


Our Certification and Training Partner

Success Is A Choice.

We coach and teach you to be more motivated, more resourceful and more determined, so that you will GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT.